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This section is dedicated to tips and tricks picked up from multiple demonstraters. You will find some about safety and some about things that these professionals see happening with turners on a regular basis.It is helpful to read over these every once in a while as reminders to stay out of our bad habits. You will see that alot of these guys are preaching the same things about safety, and for good reason. Hopefully you will find it helpful in your turning journey!

Don Watson ~ Oriental Platter Demonstration 10.3.2013

"Always remember your ABC's ~ ANCHOR, BEVEL, CUT"

"Hold the tool close to your body as if it is an extension of your body, make your cut by using the motion of your body and not your arms"

"Keeping your tool sharpener close to your lathe will allow you to keep your tools sharper as you work, nobody wants to take 12 steps to the grinder!"

"Wear your face shield!"

Lee Sky ~ All Day Workshop Demonstration 10.5.2013

"I have found on JET lathe you can lay a pencil flat on your tailstock and it will make a close outline of the tenon to cut for your chuck"

"When measuring for the diameter of the tenon for your chuck measure from the corner of your chuck jaws, not from the centers. This is the part that bites the wood"

"I always tighten my chuck 3x's as to make sure it is equally tightened all the way around"

"I use a light to help tell the thickness when turning thin"

"Listen to your cut, the pitch will get higher the thinner you get"

"I use an ironing board for a shop table, it is small and I can stick magnetic things to it"

"I buy tool steel from http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRHM"

"When using a scraper on the inside for hollowing be sure to use it above center, and below for the outside"

"As you go deeper when hollowing raise your tool rest to prevent hangups"





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