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Forging a strong foundation within our membership base of turners in order to start being active in the community.

The Vision Statement is to be re-evaluated each year at the officers meeting before the November meeting. The vision statement spells out what we are doing to carry out our mission as a club, and will change accordingly each year as we meet our goals and grow.

Our Seal was created to symbolize the rich history of the Brooksville community. It was important to combine the community and woodturning together to the clubs founding officers. Inititally the tree in the logo was not a tangerine tree, but was later changed. The tangerine tree was chosen because it played a significant role in the community's economic history. The two gouges signify unity and tradition within the club. The charter date was placed in the center as a reminder to members of our principle charter of Education, Preservation, and Promotion.

HBW is an official local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). We have proudly modeled our club according to their bylaws.

The group is organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and the mission is oriented around the following three principles:

  1. ~ of the general public in order to diversify and enrich the arts in our community
  2. ~ in order to cultivate new members to maintain the clubs strength in the future
  3. ~ to master our own skills and advancement as woodturners
  4. ~ to improve upon and further the art of woodturning

  1. ~ of woodturning by creating a niche in our community centered around turning wood
  2. ~ by assimilating the younger generation into wood turning
  3. ~ through the creation of a club owned collection

  1. ~ through community exposure
  2. ~ by sharing individual knowledge for the advancement of the club and woodturning
  3. ~ by charitable acts in, and out, of our community

Additionally, the underlying principle of integrity is the foundation in which this charter was established.


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